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Hygenic Line

MR Inox Srl has created the new Hygenic Line.

A new and exclusive line, which includes specific lockers for drying and sanitizing footwear, work clothes and work equipment: with a UV-C ray or OZONE system the hygiene is guaranteed.

Hygenic is the ideal system for significantly improving the hygiene of the operators that usually work in humid location, or in which there is frequent contact with water: studies and tests guarantee a germicide action on objects and fabric.

Hygenic: a must-have equipment for environments that allow the formation of bacteria.

Asciu System

Asciu is the revolutionary solution that guarantees drying from the footwear inside, especially after used in humid environments: boots, ski boots, shoes etc.

Footwear is perfectly dried by and exclusive hot air system.

A UV-C ray or ozone system can be added, combining the drying with the sanitizing action, to guarantee a safe disinfection.

The UV-C ray system does not change the physical/chemical properties of the objects in any way, it does not emit any toxic substance therefore is safe and gives a significantly disinfected product.

The intensity and time both determine the efficacy of the sterilization, since a higher setting results in a more intense treating from the bacteria.


UV System


UV-System is a UV-C sterilizing locker designed to give an excellent disinfection.

UV-System eliminates viruses, pathogenic bacteria, funguses, algae and mold. This system oxidizes and decomposes the chlorine by-products, like chloramine and other contaminants. The UV-C ray treatment does not change the physical/chemical properties of the objects in any way and it does not emit any toxic substances. From the conducted studies by a scientific and technological team, the UV-C System earns the top places for its sanitizing action.

Ozo System

OZO System is a sanitizing system. Another valor that MR Inox Srl holds.

OZO System is an ozone sanitizing system studied to guarantee the best disinfection. It eliminates 99,98% of bacteria from either objects or fabric, also making the air pleasant to the smell. Once set, it works independently.

MR Inox Srl pointed its attention to its practicality and low energy consumption in order to reduce the duration of each cycle, other than having so little to maintain except for a usual periodic cleaning with food-compatible detergents.