itenMachinery and solutions for the food industry



Since 1995, MR Inox Srl has developed specific technical skills, a requirement that shows a center point to the reality of all other food industries.

Our mission: to design new custom-made systems and machines for the Customer.

MR Inox’s is composed of an experienced staff, always able to find efficient solutions for the producing environment, with the most advanced installation techniques, all according with the established timings.

Professionalism, at the service of the industry.



The constant development research and operational service supplying allows us to find smart solutions for each Customer’s necessities.

All of our systems are custom-made, meant to satisfy specific needs and solve problems that make of us the only interlocutor with the customer.

We also give:

  • energy efficiency;
  • low system managing costs;
  • optimization of current production systems;
  • fixed maintaining schedule.


Each project begins with a technical inspection: it allows us to find the best technical and economical solution right from the start.

MR Inox’s qualified staff flanks and advices you about eventual variations that should take place in order to guarantee a fitting result.

The designing phase is therefore characterized by a strong collaboration with the Customer.



MR Inox owns areas equipped for metalworking, preparation, assembly and testing. All the operators are specialized and boast a remarkable experience in the field.

The technical staff follows the system’s production in all phases: from the designing to the building, until its installation and testing.

All of MR Inox’s suppliers are selected companies that guarantee the highest quality standards.



MR Inox is capable of developing a vast range of automated process systems, while always providing an adequate and specialized technical support.

All the applied automations are studied and fulfilled within the Company, with the contribution of external professionals of the electrical projecting, hardware and software fields.

We have offices in which all automated processes are studied and customized. We avail of highly professional softwares for the actualization of each part of our systems (Gear motors, PLC, control panels, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic components).


Installation and testing

The installation and testing represent the final phases and therefore are the most important in the creation of a system.

All systems are tested ahead of time at MR Inox’s testing department in order to accelerate the operational making time and lastly started up with the Customer’s presence.

Each system is created according to CE regulations and dispose of a Test Certificate and User Manual.


Assistance and maintaining

The constant assistance after the system’s start-up and test, guarantees its reliability and functionality.

We are available for periodic maintaining contracts, with the main purpose of giving the quickest and prompt solution.

MR Inox keeps a history archive of the entire technical documentation of each finished system, so that every demanded update is quick and easy to identify and accomplish for our Customer.