itenMachinery and solutions for the food industry

Custom made machines


MR Inox Srl creates linear tunnels for continuously cooling and freezing significant amounts and types of food, quickly and efficiently: meat, fish, vegetables, bread, fruit, bakery, etc.

Linear tunnels are entirely made of stainless steel with high density polyurethane sandwich panels for optimum insulation.

The length of the system varies depending on the type and quantity of product and process it has to be exposed to. The linear tunnel system is provided with a raising system that allows a thorough inside cleaning while keeping a short production interval.



The IQF system (Individual Quick Frozen) is a cryogenic freezing process in which take place mixed and small sized products.

With this process the products are quickly and individually frozen, while keeping them separated and therefore easy to divide them in packs. It is also possible to treat products that are mixed in liquids.

Because of its reduced dimensions, the IQF system can be adapted to many different production environments while keeping an outstanding compromise between quality and cost.


Thanks to the many years of experience in the food industry, MR Inox Srl has created multiple types of specific equipment that can face against unusual production processes.