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The revolutionary solution: AsciuSystem

Our AsciuSystem footwear cabinets are entirely customizable, in function of the Customer’s necessities. They can, in fact, contain from 8 to 24 pairs of footwear, and its dimensions can be adapted to the available space. An appropriate drying system for any environment.

Work footwear is thoroughly dried and sanitized, ready for use. Thanks to the ventilation temperatures and the sanitizing action, footwear is able to maintain its integrity and requirements for a prolonged period of time.


Asciu System
  • UV-C ray and Ozone system
  • No chemical and hazardous emissions
  • Efficient sterilization
  • Prolonged footwear integrity

Based on the Customer’s specific necessities, MR Inox designs and builds machines and electromechanical appliances that are able to satisfy multiple needs regarding the food industry.